Veterinary technician tending to a patient

The advantage of boarding your pet at Bay Road Animal Hospital is our medical staff. We have doctors and certified technicians at the hospitals during business hours or on call during non-business hours. If your pet has special needs, is on medications, or you just feel comfortable leaving your pet with trusted veterinarians, then boarding at an animal hospital is that you want to do.

We have full sized runs at both locations. Runs are large enclosed areas where your dogs have plenty of room to stand up. Runs are typically used for larger dogs, but you may request one for your smaller dog if we have room. We also have plenty of cages for smaller pets. Just call us for availability.  

We do require that your dog is current on rabies, distemper, parvo, adenovirus, and bordetella vaccines to be able to board in our hospital. Your cat must be current on rabies and distemper vaccines. Also, we check for fleas and ticks upon check in. If any are found, we will treat on the spot at the owner’s expense so none of the other pets in the hospital are affected.

Just a reminder: We are not a 24 hour hospital. We have assistants and technicians (veterinary nurses) come in on Saturday afternoons, Sunday mornings, and Sunday afternoons to feed and walk them, and then of course we care for them during our regular hours. So, if you have a pet that needs 24 hour monitoring, we suggest you use one of the emergency clinics.

BathingBathing your pet can be tough, let our experts help