Dr. Rosenberry reviewing a case

Bay Road Animal Hospital has full X-ray capabilities at both locations. X-rays provide an internal image of your pet’s body. It allows us to see the shape, size, and location of organs within the body. Radiographs (x-rays) are used when our veterinarians need more information to properly diagnose your pet. Well taken radiographs allow our vets to diagnose everything from cancer to a foreign body in the stomach. They most commonly diagnose fractures, cancer, bladder stones, slipped discs, foreign bodies, heart size, pneumonia, and many other medical conditions. Our veterinarians have many years of experience interpreting radiographs, and both animal clinics have board certified veterinarians available for consultation.

All radiographs are taken by our certified veterinary technicians, who follow all of the strict AAHA standards for safe and painless x-ray capture.  

Laboratory TestingHaving lab work done on your pet can reveal problems that aren't easy to see. All of our lab work is completed by certified technicians

Comprehensive Wellness ExamsThe most essential service we provide for your pet

UltrasoundUsed to capture images internal body parts