External Parasite Control

External Parasite Control

Itchy pets could mean fleas and/or ticks

Sarasota’s flea and tick season is all year round! While most people think these parasites are more common in the summer, your pets are just as likely to be exposed during Sarasota’s “winter”. These parasites cause itchiness and discomfort in their mild state, and can cause infected rashes and severe hair loss when left untreated. Fleas and ticks can also spread internal parasites such as tapeworms and other diseases, so preventing them from living on your pet is extremely important.

After a thorough examination of your companion, our veterinarians recommend a course of action to prevent these parasites from hindering your pet’s lifestyle. We carry preventative medication from the top brands including:

Keep in mind that these are PREVENTATIVE medications, not treatment. Merial, who produces Frontline, says that it takes 3 months of consecutive flea prevention to notice a change in the number of fleas on your pet. So, unless your pet is on flea preventative year round, you will probably notice a constant flea problem. We cover topics like fleas on our blog and in our articles, so check them for more information.

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