Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing

Erika performing cytology

We recommend using lab tests for a variety of reasons. Problems with your pet's skin, ears, digestion can be diagnosed with lab testing. We also use our laboratory to test blood and urine for possible internal problems that you may not notice. We recommend a full lab test once a year for your pets to check their overall health and we stress the importance of increased testing for senior pets as they tend to develop more problems than younger pets.

Having lab work completed quickly and correctly is crucial. Our highly trained certified veterinary technicians perform all of our in house blood tests. From CBCs to blood chemistries, we can complete blood work in one day so that we can quickly diagnose your pet. Our technicians can also perform cytology to investigate bacteria and/ or yeast infection of the skin and ears. Our animal hospitals have access to large commercial labs for sophisticated lab tests completed outside our hospital if the case calls for it. 


Dermatology - Skin ProblemsMany Florida pets have allergies

RadiologyBay Road Animal Hospital has full X-ray capabilities at both locations. X-rays provide an internal image of your pet’s body.

Comprehensive Wellness ExamsThe most essential service we provide for your pet


UltrasoundUsed to capture images internal body parts

Senior CarePrevent problems early with our wellness program

Internal Parasite ControlProtect against heartowrms and other parasites