Comprehensive Wellness Exams

Comprehensive Wellness Exams

Dr. Smith checking Bella's vital signs

Our veterinarians administer the most thorough physical examination in Sarasota. Annual exams are critical to your pet’s wellness plan because it tells us the overall state of your pet’s body and could discover problems that have previously gone unnoticed. Exams are only given by veterinarians, and if you are using a vaccine clinic for your pet’s care, you are missing this essential service. We examine your pet from head to tail, looking at every aspect of your pet’s body. We look at:

  • General Appearance (body condition, mentation, posture and gait, hydration status)
  • Vital Signs (body weight, temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, perfusion indicators)
  • Head and Neck (face and head, eyes, nose and nares, oral cavity, ears, submandibular lymph nodes, salivary glands, larynx and thyroid gland, trachea)
  • Trunk and Limbs (body, limb and joint, feet, nails, muscle mass and tone, skin and haircoat, fleas and ticks, pelvis, vertebral column, peripheral lymph nodes)
  • Thorax (cardiac auscultation, respiratory auscultation)
  • Abdomen (abdominal palpation, inspection)
  • External Genitalia and Perineum

Having your new puppy, kitten, bird, or exotic pet examined as quickly as possible will help you get him or her on the right path to optimal health. 

External Parasite ControlProtect against fleas, ticks, and other parasites

Senior CarePrevent problems early with our wellness program

VaccinationsProperly immunize your pet against diseases


Internal Parasite ControlProtect against heartowrms and other parasites